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Join our church in spreading the Word of God throughout Bowling Green, KY

No matter where you are or where you've been in life, you matter to God.

Graceview Church of Christ Bowling Green welcomes you to join our church family in worshiping and spreading the word of Jesus Christ throughout the Bowling Green, KY area. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we want to help you get to know God better and enable you to become who He created you to be.

By leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ, our church has been able to reach out to our community and serve our neighbors through leadership, acceptance and unconditional love.

Our Vision

Our Sunday worship helps nourish personal relationships with God.

Our Vision

What to Expect

Learn more about what to expect during our church services.

What to Expect


Turn to our Church of Christ congregation to start your journey to Christ.


Worship freely at Graceview Church of Christ

When you're in need of a place to worship, it's important to feel welcome and protected within your church. Our non-denominational church meets at the Bowling Green Christian Academy gymnasium, a secured facility where you will feel a sense of safety and community when worshiping Christ.

When you worship with us, you'll experience:

  • Powerful, Bible-based sermons and lessons
  • A sense of community and acceptance
  • Growth and connection to Jesus Christ

Join us each Sunday for fellowship and worship in Bowling Green, KY.




Immerse yourself in Christ

Finding a church that feeds your soul is important when you're on your journey with Christ. Graceview Church of Christ Bowling Green is a non-denominational church in Bowling Green, KY that focuses on opening up your life to God and serving Him in a way that matters to you.

Through church membership, you can fully commit yourself to serving God with people who are passionate about demonstrating God's love to others. Having a strong community of friends to worship, grow, and serve with can help you along your journey with Christ. Want to learn more? Check out our resources below to learn more about who we are and what we believe. 

Our historical beginning

What to expect

What we believe

What must I do to be saved?

What about membership?

Pledge of allegiance

Ready to establish a lasting relationship with God? Join us for Sunday morning church services in Bowling Green, KY.


Our Vision

Hopefully, safely, and pridefully that Graceview members might encourage and inspire others to want their souls saved through Christ Jesus, the savior and redeemer.

Our Mission

To spread God's word and Christ's doctorine by:

  • Our Acts of love
  • Studying and learning his word
  • Desiring to do good deeds to others and for others


I Love My Bible

I love my bible,
for it is the incorruptible,
and inevitable word of God.
I am who it says I am,
I have what it says I have,
and I will do what it says I can do,
For I am filled with the Spirit of God.

Worship Times:

Sunday: 9:00 am Worship & Praise
Sunday: 10:45 am Worship & Praise
Sunday: 10:45 am Academy Reading Class (1st & 2nd graders)

A Reader is a Leader!

Monday: 6:45 pm GriefShare

Beginning in September

Tuesday: 12:00 noon Persistent Mental Stamina

Facebook Live: @The John Marshall Team

Wednesday: 6:45 pm Life-Application Bible Study

A Spiritual Twist That Will Make You Financially Fit!

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